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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> at eleven. police swarm a san jose neighborhood when an officer is nearly run over. and a woman is shot. detailstwo - thousand rape cases in need of resolution in alameda
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county. now new money coming in to help bring closure. next.
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>> tonight two people are in custody after being injured in a police shooting in the southern part of san jose. kron four's jeff bush explains how it all started. with an investigation into a suspected car theft. this is where it happened,
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on the 1800 block of almaden road. police were called out to this location around 4:30 in the afternoon to investigate a stolen vehicle. when they arrived here on scene they found a man and a woman in that stolen vehicle. the woman was in the drivers seat the cuffed man was in the passenger gear and hit one of those officers with the car. in this sihe officer felt his life was in danger. he felt in fear for his life and he did what he had to do and discharged his firearm. the woman driver was shot at least one time and taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. the male passenger was injured as well but it is unclear if he was struck by gunfire. both are expected to survive.
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this is aerial video shot by our partners at abc seven news.this is aerial video shot by our partners at abc seven news.the suspects were in the red car with the doors open. during all of this, police say the driver also hit the silver suv on your screen. police say that vehicle was occupied but the people inside were not injured. this is the third officer involved shooting in san jose this year. i'm jeff bush in san jose, kron four news. new at 11. there is a backlog of at least two - thousand untested rape kits in alameda county. and, hundreds of thousands more across the country. but as kron four's philippe djegal reports. help is on the way. in alameda county alone. the district attorney says there are about two thousand untested rape kits.
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sitting in storage, like this. dating back to crimes committed years ago. rape victim advocates say these kits remain untested for various reasons. including staffing and budgeting issues. and, often times, if the victim knows the suspect, the kit is not tested. a new york based organization called natasha's justice project has launched a rape kit backlog elimination program. donating money to counties that apply for a grant. to help pay for old kits to be tested. alameda county is the first to receive a grant. founder of natasha's justice project. natasha alexenko. says the county will receive at least 500- thousand dollars. to send the kits out to a private lab for testing. those kits will then be re- tested at an alameda county crime lab to confirm the results. alexenko says some twenty
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kits will be tested within the next few weeks. and, that the process to continue testing will take years. in alameda county, philippe djegal, kron four news. natasha alex-enko is a rape victim. and it took nine and a half years for *her kit to be tested. which eventually led to the arrest and conviction of the suspect who is still in prison. a rape kit is a collection of d-n-a evidence from the victim's body. across the country. as an advocate for victims, alex- enko says. there are more than 400-thousand untested rape kits. an eight year old girl is recovering at home tonight. after she was shot in the leg with an arrow while playing outside! nadine hairston was playing at u-c berkeley, when she was struck by an arrow. piercing straight through her leg! you can see pictures of the x ray and the arrow. taken at the hospital. nadine says, her first reaction was disbelief. the arrow did not hit an artery nor the bone, so there was minimal bleeding. it happened while she was playing on the whale sculpture at u-c berkeley. tonight, police are still looking for the person responsible. it is day two in the u.s. supreme court debate over
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same-sex marriage and the rights of same-sex couples. today, the court heard arguments on the legality of the defense of marriage act. tory dunnan has the days highlights.
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the supreme court justices are slated to issue a decision on doma and prop 8 sometime in june. faulty parts on the bay bridge have construction crews scrambling to find a fix before the new span is set to open! details of the problem ahead. then. suspects pull off a heist targeting a bay area toys r us. in broad daylight! what they were after. plus. a new crime trend. home burglaries on the rise!
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suspects who robbed a toys r us in the middle of the afternoon! police say, the suspects walked up to an employee in the electronics department. asking for help with i-pods when the employee opened the case of i-pods, the suspects showed their gun, and told the employee to walk away. that's when the suspects grabbed as many i-pods as they could, before walking out of the store. investigators say, a similar robbery happened at a toys "r" us in pinole earlier in the day. and police are not ruling out the possibly the two incidents are related.
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trouble for the new bay bridge construction. cal- trans has discovered faulty seismic safety bolts from one of its manufacturers. and now crews are scrambling to come up with a solution because the bolts are already been embedded in concrete.
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an inspection found at least 30 bolts broke on the new eastern span of the bay bridge after being tightened. some of them can't be removed because of where they are located. cal-trans says, whatever the solution the bridge will not open unless it is determined to be safe. the project manager told reporters that they don't expect this to cause the 6- point-4 billion dollar project to go over budget because problems like this are factored in. >> pam: caltrans says there is no timeline yet on when the problem will be fixed. but they don't that it will delay the scheduled opening of the new span on labor day weekend.but they aren't making any guarantees. a new but long-vacant police sub-station may soon be the face of improved public safety in san jose.
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the multi-million-dollar facility on great oaks boulevard was moth-balled two years ago amid budget cuts and layoffs. now as the city's fiscal outlook is improving, reviving the sub-station is part of the mayor's plan to focus on public safety with the goal of putting more cops on the street and avoiding any further layoffs altogether. this move could dramatically improve police response times in the sprawling almaden valley and points south. the sub-station could be up
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and running by next spring. in richmond, bart police are stepping up their presence following a deadly shooting at that station two weeks ago. authorities say one bart officer will be at the richmond station during peak hours in the morning and afternoons. meanwhile, richmond police say they will have two officers patrol the area and even riding the trains. no arrests have been made in the deadly shooting that also injured another victim.
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and remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on the san mateo sheriff's office is issuing a county- wide alert tonight. this, after a series of residential burglaries plaguing the area. officials say, the suspects
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are using several tactics to prey on residents. "the day" residents are being told to be extra careful and vigilant. kron is entirely new. and one of the new features is something we call kron 4 rewards. vicki liviakis explains how you can be rewarded for watching t-v.
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still ahead. the warriors try and avoid a letdown against the sacramento kings and lebron james and the heat put their 27 game winning streak on the line [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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tonight in chicago. jason has the highlights, and all the sports, next! welcome back everyone. the warriors came out flat tonight - no doubt a let- down following monday
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night's big win over the lakers two of the all time greats at oracle tonight.bill russell and jerry west sitting court-side together - west a part of the 1971- 72 lakers team that won 33 straight warriors kings two of the all time greats at oracle tonight.bill russell and jerry west sitting court-side together 2nd quarter andrew bogut the pick and roll with steph curry and bogut throws it down 37-36 kings bogut: 12 points, 9 rebs, 4 blocks but isiah thomas was the best player on the floor tonight thomas hit seven 3-pointers in route to a game high 31 points sacramento has the worst road record in the nba but they handle the warriors for the third time in four games this season final: 105-98 kings heat at bulls lebron james and the heat denied their 28th consecutive win tonight by carlos boozer and the
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chicago bulls boozer with the key offensive rebound and putback with less than a minute to go boozer finished with 21 points 17 rebs the bulls win 101-97 the heat's winning streak is snapped at 27 straight games, six shy of the all time record lebron the sharks offense has come to life against the anaheim ducks three goals in the first 10 minutes tonight at hp pavilion sharks ducks three goals tonight in the first 10 minutes at hp pavilion joe pavelski gives the sharks a 1-0 lead with this wrap-around goal then it's patrick marleau with the soft little wrister for his 16th goal of
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the year brent burns caps off the first period scoring with the slap shot antti niemi with 22 saves sharks blank the ducks 4-0 after beating them 5-3 two nights ago. santa clara is into the finals of the cbi basketball tournament will they will meet george mason in a best of three championship series beginning monday. meantime stanford and cal are headed to the sweet 16 in the women's ncaa tournament stanford off to the sweet 16 stanford hit the practice floor today. led by tara vanderveer who has her team in the postseason for the 26th straight year
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chiney ogwuimike likely the best player in the country not named britney griner the team leaves for spokane tomorrow around 12:30and plays saturday at 6 o'clock against georgia last night the cardinal easily beat michigan - who happens to be jim harbaugh's alma mater tara the raiders salary purge continues. defensive tackle tommy kelly has been released - saving the raiders nearly $5 million in cap space tommy kelly released defense tackle tommy kelly the latest casualty of the salary cap. you may remember kelly for his role in this scuffle against cinncinnati last year by cutting him the raiders will save $4.75 million dollars.though the team still owes kelly $13 million over the next two years.ouch! in 2008 al davis gave the unproven kelly a record 7- year deal worth $51 million.didn't quite pan out. you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193.


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